The following information was published in the New Prairie United School Corporation (NPUSC) Summer 2017 Newsletter:

We are pleased to announce the renovation work at all three NPUSC Elementary schools is on schedule and progressing as planned.

Rolling Prairie Elementary • Expanded main office and student health/nurse station • New meeting spaces for teachers and after-school programming • New classroom carpet, student storage cabinetry and classroom storage • Expanded student restrooms and cafeteria

Olive and Prairie View Elementary • New roofing surface • Secure entry main entrance/office entrance system • New classroom carpet, student storage cabinetry and classroom storage • Expanded student restrooms

New Prairie High School and Middle School The New Prairie High School interior renovation will begin in September 2017.

As we shared in the previous newsletter, the addition to New Prairie High School (including the new main office area and new auditorium) and the addition to New Prairie Middle School (gymatorium and classroom addition) is on delay until Spring 2018.

The delay is necessary because portions of the new HS Auditorium must be built in July during a month when it is realistic to restrict student and community access to the high school facility to ensure maximum safety during construction.

In order to be ready for July construction such as this, multiple sub-contractors must be identified and scheduled to perform necessary work before completion of this new high school auditorium.

It was determined this past spring more time was needed to secure all sub-contractors and ensure all prep work can be completed prior to July auditorium construction. This caused the decision to delay construction of the high school and middle school additions from Spring 2017 to Spring 2018.

The NPUSC Renovation Project is still anticipated to be completed on time by December 2019. Also, the delay will not cost NPUSC taxpayers any additional money.

Finally, most are likely aware New Prairie High School sustained damage to the southwest corner of the facility during severe winds on the morning of June 23.

A portion of the high school roof, affecting six classrooms in this area of the high school, was damaged or lost. Roof replacement will be completed by late September 2017.

A new roof deck and temporary roof surface for this area of the facility has already been completed as of June 30. The affected classrooms will be meeting in other locations unaffected by the storm during the first semester of the 2017-18 school year to ensure maximum safety and renovation capabilities.

The interior renovation of NPHS to begin September of 2017 will be expanded to include these classrooms affected by the storm to return this area to its safest full function as soon as possible.

The NPUSC community may contact Paul White, NPUSC Superintendent, at 219-778-2814 for questions or for more information.

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