Support for splash pad

As a lifelong resident of New Carlisle, I am writing this letter of support for a splash pad (among other planned park enhancements).

The New Carlisle Parks Board created a Five-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan which was adopted March 31, 2016. The main reasons for creating a 5-Year Master Plan include giving a clear sense of direction for the park system, improving funding opportunities (the ability to apply for more grants), and formulating a written framework for action.

After surveying the residents of New Carlisle and discussing their own ideas, the Parks Board listed their top five projected projects as follows: 1. Splash Pad 2. Restrooms 3. ADA Compliance to Gazebo 4. ADA Compliant Playground Equipment 5. Gateway Entrance Sign.

They listed the “dream” project (regardless of cost) of acquiring extra land near Bourissa for parking. The Splash Pad, ADA Compliance to Gazebo, and Gateway Entrance Sign were listed as items to work on years 1-2.

We are well over a year into the adoption of the Master Plan and nothing has happened. The parks board hasn’t applied for grants nor attempted any sort of fundraising/crowdsourcing for these planned projects.

What was the point of asking the residents of New Carlisle what they wanted, not to mention the countless days that went into crafting this Master Plan, if they weren’t going to follow through with it? I realize acquiring all 5 items would be stretch, but I’d think they could attempt to achieve at least 1 or 2 items from the goals they set for themselves. Having a splash pad in New Carlisle would make our town a destination, bring business to our area, promote physical fitness and socialization, plus it would be just plain fun!

The parks board is in control and they are not motivated, therefore nothing is moving forward. You should be ashamed at giving our community false hope with these projected improvements when you never meant to work hard at completing them in the first place.

It is beyond frustrating and a shame for the children in our community, not to mention our local businesses, who are missing out on these positive additions to our great town.

(You can find a copy of the Master Plan at, under the Departments heading, click on Parks Department then 5 Year Park Master Plan).

Kim Land New Carlisle

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