Mental Spiritual Renovation Training Session at Olive Chapel Church

Many Christians secretly struggle with their inner thought life and emotional life. They are overburdened and held captive by faulty patterns of thinking that drain them dry and prevent them from experiencing the better and fuller life that Christ intends to pour into their minds.

• How can ordinary people like you and me overcome this struggle? • Do we have to remain stuck and defeated and settle into mediocrity? • Does God’s Word reveal a way of escape and a path to freedom?

On August 20, join us at Noon for lunch and then a two hour training session entitled “Mental Spiritual Renovation – The Extreme MakeUnder”. This training session will help you catch a much stronger vision on how to effectively renew your mind as well as give you the tools to lead others to this life-changing habit!

In this session, Mike Aemmer will open the Word of God and shine a light on the inner mental turmoil and drama that we all face to some degree. He will show how God provides the pathway to win this battle mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

He will give us a vision into how God intends for our minds to work. We will learn how to discern 3 different voices in our heads and will discover great tools and insights that lead you to become a “victor” and not a “victim” in LIFE! Mike has over 40 years of extensive experience in the mental health profession and a vast background in the understanding of mental, emotional and spiritual development.

As a counselor, teacher and trainer, he has walked with Christ his entire life. Mike Aemmer – BS, ED, MA, LSW, LMFT; Appointed by Governor Mitch Daniels as Adm. Judge.

Sundays, August 13 and 20 at 10:00 am EST, join us for the continuing teaching series on The End Times, so you can live life victoriously!

God has given us major portions of Scripture on the signs of the End Times on earth, yet many in our world are asleep and/or unaware about the times we currently live in!

Movie Morning is August 27 during our weekly worship service starting at 10:00 am EST with yummy snacks and child care provided. Movie to be announced.

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