Slow it down, enjoy the drive

I am writing to voice concern over the increased speed of traffic in town. I have lived on Bray for many years and have noticed with the increase in housing and population, many seem to ignore the 25 mile per hour sign on Dunn (towards Edge of the Woods) and heading South on Bray.

I have also noticed an increase in the number of animals killed by the Edge of the Woods sign, two in the past year, but none in the 5 years before that! I realized some will say “two? what’s the big deal?”

However, there is just no reason an animal should be hit on a road near a school and subdivision, unless people are driving too fast, not paying attention or just don’t care. These beautiful woods and its inhabitants are a reason many of us live here.

People need to slow down and watch for children, families and animals that cross these streets.

Perhaps the town could put in a few deer crossing signs for those that don’t know we have many deer and wildlife in town.

If you have teenaged drivers, please remind them to be aware of this as well. We ALL should just slow down and enjoy the drive in our beautiful town.

Carol Hesch New Carlisle

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