Donnelly Helps Get New Carlisle Bridge Project Back on Track

Senator helped coordinate efforts with key stakeholders to address delayed construction restricting access and harming businesses in downtown New Carlisle

Washington, D.C.—U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly welcomed news that the bridge project on U.S. 20 in New Carlisle has resumed after he worked to help get the project back on track. The stalled construction project began in early May and was projected to take no more than 30 days, but delays—due to safety, structural, and permitting issues—caused restricted access to downtown New Carlisle, negatively impacting downtown businesses and public safety.

After hearing from a number of concerned residents, local elected officials, first responders, and business owners in New Carlisle,Donnelly requested that Norfolk Southern resolve any issues delaying the continuation of work on the Route U.S. 20 bridge in a timely and safe manner. Donnelly then coordinated efforts on Friday with Norfolk Southern, INDOT, the New Carlisle Town Council President, and Governor Holcomb’s office to address the water, structural, and permitting issues delaying construction and helped create a timeline for getting the construction project moving toward completion.

Donnelly received confirmation that construction has resumed and will remain engaged to ensure the timely and safe completion of the project.

Donnelly said, “I am the hired help, and I am pleased I could bring together Norfolk Southern and the other stakeholders to get this bridge construction project in New Carlisle back on track. I will remain engaged with Norfolk Southern, INDOT, the New Carlisle Town Council President, and Governor Holcomb to ensure this project gets completed in a timely and safe fashion. It is important to get this project done to ensure the safety of New Carlisle’s residents and resume the normal flow of traffic that helps downtown businesses succeed.”

Ken Carter, New Carlisle Town Council President, said, “I am ecstatic that construction on the bridge project is resuming and look forward to the bridge being completed, so that traffic on U.S. 20 will be able to flow normally again in and out of downtown New Carlisle. We are thankful for Senator Donnelly’s efforts to help us get this stalled construction project back on track. We are hopeful that the project will be completed in time for Hometown Days at the end of July.”

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