High in the Sky!

Looking out the kitchen window in New Carlisle, on the morning of June 7, 2017, I saw what appeared to be two guys (high in the sky) in a white Boom Truck.

They were next to what remained of an extremely tall tree that they had been trimming and preparing to remove. It was too fascinating to not run outside and take a photo, even though they were nearly a block away.

By the time I finished breakfast I noticed the guys and the trees were no longer in sight so I decided to walk over to Chestnut Street and meet these brave souls, hoping they were safely on the ground again.

The two young men––Kannon Keigley and Zach Gamble––appeared with big smiles and “no big deal” on their faces. They were already busy cleaning up all the debris of many branches and leaves that had come down along with the gigantic tree.

Another young man by the name of Luke Stanisci was driving a Bob Cat to help remove all the debris.

These adventurous young men work for KC Tree, Inc and for sure they all earn their pay!

(And Mary Ann just added Boom Truck and Bob Cat to her “vocab.”)

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