Viaduct Closed: Now and Then

The month-long closure of the viaduct has created many headaches around town, as residents, visitors, and those just passing through have had to find alternate routes to get through New Carlisle's east end.

The concrete repair of the viaduct, which is expected to take until June 1, is part of a larger project to repave US Highway 20 from the bypass near the South Bend Airport to the intersection of 20 and State Road 2.

Milling and paving was scheduled to begin this week east of Walnut Road, eventually working its way back west. Milling and paving of Michigan Street in town will begin once the viaduct is re-opened. One lane of traffic will be maintained throughout the course of the project.

Train Derailment of 1961 With the current closure of the viaduct, one reader submitted a story and photos detailing a train derailment that occurred at the viaduct over 56 years ago.

Here is an eyewitness account from January 1961 by Albert Zelasko, lifelong resident of New Carlisle.

After passing under the viaduct on my way to the Bank in New Carlisle, I heard what sounded like a train trying to stop. I immediately looked in my rear view mirror, but did not see anything out of the ordinary.

As I returned from the bank in town (10-15 minutes had passed) to pass back under the viaduct, traffic was being stopped. I realized the train had actually derailed. I was unable to travel under the viaduct back home.

I took a different route to my house to get my camera and immediately returned to take pictures of the derailment.

As far as I know, this was never published in the local South Bend Tribune.

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