Showing of "4 Blood Moons"

Many people today in our community and all over the world are watching the disturbing realities of the trials, tragedies and conflicts on planet earth.

We see an ever-evolving frequency and intensity of trials, conflicts, tragedies, disasters and wars. What can we make of all this? Does God’s Word give us direction and understanding about the future and the final chapters of human history? Yes, yes, yes!

The Bible actually provides us with more than 1,500 passages predicting the end times and the Second Coming of Christ!

Join us Sunday for worship at 10am as we look at the SIGNS of the End Times and the GOOD NEWS from God on how we can live strong and successfully in the challenging days in which we live.

As part of this series, on Sunday May 21, 2017 at our 10am EST worship service, we will show the movie “4 Blood Moons”.

There will be refreshments, and we will provide child care.

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