NC Parks and Cemetery Boards

Along with our various town departments filled with caring town employees, there are also members of our community who regularly contribute their time and efforts to the Town of New Carlisle.

Following regulations and keeping a watchful eye on our Parks and Cemetery will always be important to our town.

New Carlisle Parks Board: Standing l-r President Nancy Taplin & Board Member Phil Rafalski. Seated L-r: Board Members Donna Vermillion, Malarie Pearce, & Vice President Mary Ann Holston. Vermillion recently resigned from the Park Board. Not pictured is new Board Member John Gelow who joins the Park Board along with his duties as a member of the Cemetery Board.

Cemetery Board: Standing l-r Vice President Davey Doll and former Town Council Representative John Gelow. Seated l-r Town Council Representative Dan Vermillion, Board Secretary Mary Ann Swope, and Board President Rich Kopkowski. While most board members have served little more than one year, Kopkowski resigns after serving for eight years. His knowledge and assistance has been extremely helpful and the town has been fortunate to have his service.

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