HLCA Progress Report

It is very important that everyone knows that the Hudson Lake Community does include all home and cottage owners around or near the lake, their relatives and friends, plus everyone else who has an interest in keeping the lake healthy.

The Hudson Lake Conservation Association (HLCA) annual projects do keep the lake clean of contaminants, clear of algae or murky waters and do ensure the lake is well oxygenated for fish and wildlife. Of course, these projects also do ensure that the lake continues to remain in great shape for many recreational activities, plus simply for our full enjoyment.

In order to accomplish these projects, $25 annual membership fees are due once each year. Being a member includes you and your at-home family. $25 per member is a small amount, but together, it pays to successfully accomplish all of the annual projects.

In March 2016, HLCA hired the Aquatic Weed Control company (AWC) to execute and successfully complete all of the 2016 projects.

Currently, AWC did complete the final 2016 project, developing and updating the Hudson Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (AVMP), documenting all the 2016 survey and herbicide treatment data that they recorded while completing those projects.

The AVMP update was delivered on March 1, 2017. The cost of this update is $4,100. The Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) Grant will pay $3,280 (80%) of this cost, and the HLCA will be required to pay $820 (20%).

Also, HLCA did apply for a 2017 LARE Grant in January of this year, and the LARE program did just notify us that HLCA did obtain a grant for 2017/18 project funding.

The grant is for a total of $18,450 to successfully accomplish all 2017 annual projects.

HLCA will be required to pay approximately $4,000 of that total, as its portion of the grant.

This year, the annual $25 membership fee is due before May 31st.

Each member’s fee is crucial every year to pay the Indiana Department of Natural Resources-LARE approved contractors for their services and products.

Please do write your $25 annual membership check out to: Hudson Lake Conservation Association, and mail it to 7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane, New Carlisle, IN 46552. Beginning in 2018, the HLCA will change its fiscal year to coincide with the normal calendar of January 1st to December 31st.

The annual projects generally span a year and a half, but they actually do begin when the HLCA submits the application in January to obtain a LARE Grant.

Unfortunately, a new foreign water plant has emerged in the lake. It is called a Starry Stonewort, a very bad exotic plant for the lake.

Furthermore, the herbicide chemical to treat it is very expensive, at $850 per acre. Also, the LARE Grant program only covers 50% of the cost to manage it.

Once again, neighbors, friends and relatives are encouraged to join the HLCA so that we can afford to manage the continued health of the lake.

If you have adult children, whose families enjoy the lake being healthy, they may choose to become HLCA members as well.

Every annual membership fee certainly helps.

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