LaPorte County 4-H Hippology Team Competes in Tournament

On March 24 - 25, 2017, the LaPorte County 4-H Hippology Team competed at the state tournament against 21 other Indiana Counties at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

The all day tournament featured several different types of competitions including Demonstrations, Public Speaking, Hippology and Horse Quiz Bowl.

The LaPorte County team of 25 students from 3rd through 12th grade studied and prepared for three months prior to the competition, learning information from subjects including horse breeds, nutrition, health, gaits, tack, and anatomy.

Their hard work was rewarded with placings in many of the divisions at the state level.

Team Members included: Senior Division: Megan Steinhiser, Jordan Forney, Payton Berg, Ava Sinclair; Intermediate Division: Katherine Moehl, Rebekah Novak, Dalayna Garris, Hallee Petri; Junior Division: Marcy Petri, Brandon Forney, Zoe Sleeper, Gretchen Gadacz, Anna Minich, Lillian Zelasko, Audrey Marsh, Emma Hannon, Vayda Cervi, Abbigail Mitchell, Anna Landing; Novice Division: Caroline Langford, Charles Tonagel, Sawyer Tonagel, Adeline Sinclair, Margaret Conner, Jackson Cipares

Awards were given as follows: Public Speaking: Ava Sinclair - 4th place

Hippology Teams: Novice 1 (Charles Tonagel, Sawyer Tonagel, Adeline Sinclair) - 1st place; Novice 2 (Caroline Langford, Margaret Conner, Jackson Cipares) - 3rd place; Junior 1 (Vayda Cervi, Emma Hannon, Anna Minich, Marcy Petri) - 2nd place; Intermediate (Katherine Moehl, Rebekah Novak, Dalayna Garris, Hallee Petri) - 5th place

Horse Quiz Bowl: Novice 1 (Charles Tonagel, Sawyer Tonagel, Jackson Cipares, Margaret Conner, Caroline Langford) - 2nd place; Junior 1 (Emma Hannon, Vayda Cervi, Anna Minich, Marcy Petri, Audrey Marsh) - 3rd place; Intermediate (Brandon Forney, Katherine Moehl, Rebekah Novak, Dalayna Garris, Hallee Petri) - 4th place

Individual Awards: Novice: Margaret Conner - 4th place, Charles Tonagel - 10th place; Junior: Anna Minich - 1st place, Emma Hannon - 7th place

Team Coach, Laura Hannon said: “We are so proud of our team and are looking forward to more success in the future as we study to become better horsemen!”

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