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Clerk's Office

If you’ve met our three town clerks at the Town Hall you know you are receiving very good service! It’s certainly a demanding job and we can be grateful for their vital attention to our town’s business. Pictured above (Left to Right) are Jill Doll (Deputy Clerk); Tanya McKee (Billing Clerk), and Susan Moffitt (Town Clerk Treasurer).

The Town Clerk’s office is in charge of billing and receiving monthly utility payments for all town residents, budget management of all town funds, maintaining town records including the cemetery, as well as managing the payroll for 31 full-time and 10-12 part-time employees.

Engineer and Attorney

New Carlisle’s Town Engineer Jared Huss of Lawson-Fisher Associates (Left) and Town Attorney Andrea Halpin (Right) are often called upon to share their professional advice at Town Hall meetings with the Town Council and Administration on the numerous issues that arise.

Leone Halpin (Chuck Leone and Andrea Halpin) became our Town Attorneys full time in 2010. The Town contracted with Lawson-Fisher for work on the Downtown Beautification Project in 2013. They became the Town’s full-time engineering firm in 2014.

Each of them is very much appreciated along with all those who serve our community.

Town Council 2017

The first New Carlisle Town Council meeting took place on January 10th this year.

As usual, the regular meetings are normally scheduled for twice each month on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 5 pm in the Town Hall. Along with employees from the various Town departments, interested citizens are always welcome to attend.

In accordance with the wishes of the full council, Ken Carter will continue to serve as the President of the Town Council as will Steve Vojtko remain as Vice President. This will be the second consecutive term for both councilmen.

Jordon Budreau was appointed to serve as Commissioner of Parks & Cemetery. Dan Vermillion will continue to serve as Commissioner of Utilities, and Aaron Rypma will remain as Commissioner of the Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Service Departments.

Many thanks to each of our councilmen for their attention and service to our community!

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