"The Greater Yes to Real Life" at Olive Chapel

The Christian life is all-too-often defined as “no.” What begins as a desire to reject destructive things morphs into a “no” to people, enjoyment, laughter, success, fulfillment, and the true purpose, joy and meaning of life itself. Before we know it, some believers end up reducing the Christian faith to a huge rejection of many of the things that God has created and designed us to embrace.

We need perspective and we need much more than “the NO’s” that many people associate Christianity with. We need to experience the divine “YES” to all of life as a gift from God and especially the values and attitudes He calls us to emphasize in our lives as top priorities.

The book of Ecclesiastes, through Solomon’s journals, gives us a huge dose of reality and “breakthrough” perspective for a framework of faith that infuses our lives with meaning.

In this 5-part preaching series called “The Greater YES to Real Life” beginning Sunday, March 5 at Olive Chapel Church, we will explore the incredible reality of “true life” when God is at the center and the beauty and power of living when He colors every dimension of your life with His presence and His wisdom.

This Sunday morning at our 10am worship service, we will celebrate Communion and look at our first subject – “Saying YES to God.” This message will be the foundation to the following four themes in the subsequent weeks to infuse you with faith and perspective to make “all things new” in your life.

Olive Chapel Church is located at the corner of State Road 2 and Timothy Road in New Carlisle.

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