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This pasta dish uses all of the great veggies which are now plentiful at our local supermarkets and is a great Lenten dish as well!

Springtime Pasta Primavera 2 T. Virgin Olive Oil 1 bundle of thin asparagus, trimmed of ends and thinly sliced on bias 1 cup of fresh peas (or frozen) 1/3 pound (a handful) of thin green beans, 1 bunch of springtime green onions, whites and greens separated, using whites thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves thinly sliced or use garlic powder (optional) Salt and pepper ½ cup white wine or chicken stock 1 cup cream 1 tsp lemon zest ½ cup chicken stock or water from boiling pasta l box pasta (angel hair, spiral, thin spaghetti or whatever you would like) ½ cup Parmesan cheese Finely chopped parsley and chives

Bring a large pot of water to a boil for the pasta. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat with virgin olive oil. Add asparagus, peas, beans, whites of onions, garlic, salt and pepper. Stir and toss until tender, adding wine or stock - crisp 3 -5 minutes.

Cook pasta until al dente. Reserve ½ cup liquid then drain. Toss pasta with reserved cooking liquid, vegetables, stir in ½ cup chicken stock, cream and Parmesan cheese.

If you want sauce thicker, add some cream to corn starch in separate container, mix and add to cream mixture. Serve; top with chives and parsley.

Etc. — Asparagus hints: The best way to know where to cut asparagus - hold asparagus stems and let it naturally snap in half. Where it snaps, use that end for sautéing. Other half could be used for asparagus, soup, etc. This is a good guideline of where to cut the asparagus.

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