Time to Support Clean Water Movement

A clean water movement is underway and it’s time to fully support it.

We, as taxpayers, contribute to funding public services such as the Police, Fire Departments, and EMS. When we are in need, we use them. In the past, maybe there was opposition to the public funding of these organizations, I don’t know. Maybe the opposing argument was if your home were burning, you’d put it out yourself or let it burn because you had insurance for a reason. Or possibly, if Grandma had fallen and you were not sure if she’d injured herself you would have just gotten the help of a couple of neighbors and lifted her up. A week later you’d have had to take her to the doctor because she couldn’t walk because she sustained a hip fracture which was complicated with continued repeated falls. Poor Grandma.

Septic companies will tell you, all septic systems fail, eventually. If you haven’t installed a new septic system within the last decade or two, then you likely have a failing system.

In the Hudson Lake area with many outdated systems, everything you flush down your toilet is embarking on a successful relationship with your drinking and lake water. And if your septic system isn’t co-mingling with your water than your neighbor’s probably is.

Yes, there will be monetary expenses related to installing a local sewer system in the Hudson Lake area and I’m not happy with that either. In the past, taxes or expenses have fluctuated over time for purposes of adding public services and building new schools.

A few might say, “My system works fine,” or “I have a new system.” Valid points, for a few people. If the time comes where our septic systems must be inspected, will everyone's pass a governmental code?

Efforts to continue to oppose progress for the good of the community will, like our outdated septic systems, eventually fail. Support any movement that aims to improve & protect the safety of our living conditions. Or silently oppose it; you can still benefit from the advancements of clean safe drinking water. However, safety isn’t free.

Bill Wood New Carlisle, IN

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