The Potter's Wife finds new home downtown

The Potter’s Wife has moved into Feeney’s Hometown Goods in New Carlisle. The Potter’s Wife sells the handmade stoneware and porcelain pottery of BlackTree Studio Pottery aka Steven Skinner.

Louise Belmont-Skinner, The Potter's Wife's founder and owner, is thrilled to have her pottery take its place alongside Marcy Kauffman’s selection of local handcrafted goods, vintage wares, and original artwork, and locally owned Three Sisters Apothecary which makes its own lotions and creams from scratch using only the finest organic oils and ingredients. Please stop by and take a look.

BlackTree Studio's pottery is organic, modern, and sculptural yet 100% functional (food, microwave and oven safe). However, customers often find Steven Skinner’s work more than functional.

A distinctive stoneware bowl or platter often finds a permanent place on the dining room table or a special place in the living room.

The Potter’s Wife's new retail space includes a broad range of pottery designs and price ranges — from $20 to $300.

New pottery designs will be made specifically for Feeney’s. One such design will be used with Three Sisters Apothecary products: a tiny white porcelain bowl in which to mix the finest organic oils and ingredients of one's choice for a custom skin care routine.

Louise Belmont-Skinner hopes to find an entirely new customer base at Feeney's. She knows from experience, for example, that a customer looking for a gift doesn’t automatically say, “pottery." But now, Feeney’s customers will have another option when looking for something special — one-of-a kind, hand built pottery.

Louise's retail philosophy is to welcome everyone. If customers are attracted to a piece of pottery, she encourages them to take it off the shelf and hold it. Questions are encouraged: do you prefer the feel of stoneware or porcelain? Which glaze color makes you smile? Is the pitcher balanced when it pours? Discover how much fun it is to hold and use BlackTree Studio pottery.

At the original store, The Potter’s Wife created a very popular shopping opportunity: a space reserved for pottery “seconds” or “happy accidents."

These functional wares are hand made and 100% food safe but sold at reduced prices.

The “happy accidents” selections change all the time and are very popular with local customers. Prices range as low as $5 or $10 dollars.

Like most small art-based businesses Louise (The Potter's Wife) and Steve (BlackTree Studio Pottery) have developed several strategies to make a living with their art.

These include selling wholesale to retail stores and galleries throughout the USA, attending art fairs throughout the year, and having a retail store to sell directly to customers.

In the past, The Potter's Wife shop was closed when Steve and Louise attended art festivals. Now, Feeney’s offers Louise the opportunity to offer pottery to customers 52 weeks a year.

Steve Skinner and Louise Belmont-Skinner co-founded BlackTree Studio Pottery when they moved to New Carlisle in 2006 after living and working in Chicago for 20 years.

During this time, Steve submitted his pottery to the Indiana Artisan state-wide organization and was designated an “official” Indiana Artisan in 2010.

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