Progress being made at St. Joseph Energy Center

St. Joseph Energy Center Projects General Manager Woody Saylor introduced himself at the first monthly meeting of the New Carlisle Business & Community Association in 2017.

When asked about the progress of the SJEC's building at 54745 Walnut Road, an invitation to visit the site was quickly given and on February 1, members of the NCBCA enjoyed lunch there along with a complete overview of the new energy center.

During the meeting, Mr. Saylor informed the group that the St. Joseph Energy Center is in its 13th month of construction and is over 60% complete.

Commercial operations will be achieved on March 24, 2018 at which time SJEC will begin selling electricity in the competitive PJM power market.

Saylor added that SJEC is a 700 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant. St. Joseph Energy Center will be powered by two Siemens gas turbines each capable of producing 230 MW.

The waste heat from the gas turbine exhaust will be harnessed to produce steam that will drive a single steam turbine capable of producing 250 MW. 700 MW is enough power to supply over 500,000 homes.

Afterwards, the group was treated to a close-up view of the new energy center’s construction site. Kiewit tour guides John Wichmann and Randy Funk provided commentary on the ongoing work––all in the comfort of a nice warm bus.

Included are both the most recent aerial view of the power plant (on the cover) and the artist’s rendition of what it will look like upon completion (above). Ben Sprecher photographed the aerial drone picture and the artist rendering was created by Scott Gosoroski––both of Kiewit Corporation.

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