As Long as the Winds Blow

In the 1800's the government told my ancestors “As long as the grasses grow, as long as the winds shall blow and as long as the waters flow, you will forever keep your land.”

But the Indian Removal Act was signed and all the Native Americans were forced off their lands that they walked on. Now, in western St. Joseph County you are getting a taste of history. But it's you now experiencing the same with the County government wanting to take your land from you. All in the name of greed.

Now county and town government and the County Redevelopment Commission wants the tax money from factories and industries. They want these factories in your neighborhood, on your land, your front or back yard.

To make this happen they need your land. They will make or have made ridiculously low offers to buy your land. If you don't sell, they will simply take it from you and use “eminent domain,” as their right to take the land or they will condemn your property and just take it.

They call it land acquisition (just a fancy word for theft). Your local town board will also get their cut. They need to lay sewer, water and a cable lines that will service these factories. But they must get someone to foot the bill on these well and sewer systems. That’s you. They are in the process of laying pipes on US 20. They are doing this for the factories...not for your betterment.

So that no money is lost, the town will force you to pay to hook up to these systems and then you'll pay a monthly fee.

If you have a well and septic system with years of faithful service and you don't want other systems: You'll be forced anyway to hook up. Why? Because they know what’s good for you. They will also go as far as to condemn or outlaw your present system.

We need to take a stand and fight against this greed and our rights.

Donald Myers New Carlisle, IN

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