"Easier to look out the window, than into the mirror"

To say that we are, politically speaking, facing some charging times, is an understatement.

Because of our advanced technology, electronic mass communication, global news is in our backyard almost as fast as it happens.

Some of it is good news, some affects us adversely. Unless we keep our heads in the sand, we are aware as to how the political landscape has been changing in recent times.

My concern: I perceive a certain naiveté amongst the powers-that-be and some of the nicest people I know, when it comes to trusting the Russian government.

Just a few facts: Hungary had an uprising against the Soviet Union in October 1956. (The State of Indiana is 36,000 square miles, Hungary is 35,000).

After a few days of bloody fighting (10 year old children facing Russian tanks with Molotov cocktails – bottles filled with gasoline), the Russians announced “we are leaving.” The brave Hungarians were elated. But not so fast! The Soviets lined up 5,000 tanks by the border (inexpressible deceit!) and on Nov. 4 at 4:00am, they marched into Budapest and mowed down the tiny, sleeping country like grass.

The members of the dreaded Communist party moved up the ladder over the tortured dead bodies of those who opposed them. The exceptionally brutal KGB will forever be remembered by those whose lives were affected by the heinous acts of those in power.

Vladimir Putin was a member of the KGB. He showed his true colors as recently as 2014 when he illegally annexed Crimea. A leopard’s spots don’t change.

Yes, Putin is very smart. He understands “make friends of your enemies, thereby disarming them” and he acts on it.

His friendship with the future Secretary of State of the USA is a glimpse into the future.

And to all those who will be responsible for a future that many of us didn’t ask for, I say indeed, “it is easier to look out the window, than into the mirror.”

Ava Barcelona New Carlisle, IN

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