Chair Exercise with Pat at the Methodist Church

Chair exercise with Pat will be tarting Monday, January 16, 2017, at 10 am EST at the New Carlisle United Methodist Church. The Church is located on the corner of Race Street & Dunn Rd.

In a chair exercise class, you will learn seated low impact exercises that you can use in multiple situations.

If you have a physical disability, injuries, weight challenges, a weak core, low to moderate mobility, limited flexibility, or if you are aging, chair exercise might be for you.

Chair exercise can help you to find more energy, bring flexibility back to your joints and reduce the stress in your body.

If you are a member of the aging population, it can encourage a less sedentary lifestyle and improve balance, strength and flexibility, which can help to prevent falls that may lead to injury.

The class is thirty minutes in length; all you need to bring is a positive attitude.

All exercises will be done from a sitting position with a minimum amount of standing to work on balance issues with the aid of a chair.

For more information please call 219-608-6259. Donations accepted and appreciated.

Be Well.

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