HAWK Crossing Operational on Cleveland Road at LaSalle Trail

A newly installed HAWK crossing signal at the LaSalle Trail and Cleveland Road in South Bend is operational as of November 7.

The High-intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) lights up when a pedestrian or bicyclist presses a “Cross” button and waits for the walk signal.

The HAWK crossing signal on Cleveland Road is identical to those used in the Notre Dame area, and elsewhere, at trail crossings.

How it Works: • The signal remains dark until a pedestrian or bicyclist activates the indicator system at the crossing.

• The signal then flashes yellow, warning motorists a pedestrian or bicyclist will enter the crosswalk.

• A steady yellow light follows, advising motorists to stop.

• The signal then turns solid red, requiring vehicles to STOP at the stop line. The pedestrian or bicyclist will now see the walk indication and proceed into the crosswalk.

• Once the walk time is completed, the signal switches to flashing red. This indicates motorists must come to a complete stop, but then may proceed through the intersection if there are no pedestrians or bicyclists in the crosswalk.

• The HAWK signal then returns to dark, or its off status, until the system is activated again. The LaSalle Trail is a north-south bike-pedestrian corridor connecting Roseland with the Darden Road Trail and ultimately to the Riverside Trail that parallels the St. Joseph River along Riverside Drive. Future plans for the LaSalle Trail include extension to Auten Road, and eventually State Line Road following a former rail corridor.

At State Line Road, the trail will meet the existing trail that originates in Niles Township. It is a portion of a larger project known as the Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail that eventually will connect from Mishawaka into Niles, Michigan and beyond.

The LaSalle Trail is a project of St. Joseph County, St. Joseph County Parks and St. Joseph County Department of Public Works.

A downloadable brochure on how HAWK crossings work can be found here: http://www.drivesafemichiana.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/HAWK_broc.pdf

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