St. Joe County Plans for New Carlisle reiterated

In the recent September 23rd issue of the New Carlisle Gazette, I reported on County Economic Director Bill Schalliol’s speech at the NC Fire Station regarding the industrial development in progress in our Town. If you recall, the meeting was ineffective due to its noisy location right next to US 20 and the more than 100 residents that attended could not hear most of what was being said.

To his credit, Mr. Schalliol held another meeting on the evening of October 18, 2016 to repeat an overview of the current and ongoing industrial development just east of the town. The meeting was held in a quiet large enclosed room off the lobby of the main building at Hamilton Grove.

This time, he had the all-important microphone so that the over 100 in attendance could hear very well. Schalliol provided a large wall projection for everyone to picture the planned area as he spoke. After his presentation of the county’s industrial plans, he took questions from the audience for about a half-hour. Not surprisingly, many of the questions were from worried (and many neighboring area residents) regarding the noise, pollution, and traffic expected. Obviously our years of beautiful and quiet countryside farmlands, surrounding a large part of New Carlisle, will be changed forever.

We may be upset or concerned about the County’s plans, however, it is doubtful this would be happening if local property owners had not sold their land for industrial purposes.

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