Stunned Speechless, But Not Quite!

County Economic Director Bill Schalliol conducted an informational meeting regarding more industrial development for New Carlisle on September 12, 2016 at 6:30 pm in the NC Fire Station.

A crowd of well over a hundred residents came to hear St. Joseph County’s new plans for our town and area east of New Carlisle.

Upon arrival it appeared that every chair was taken, so I definitely appreciated the person who kindly directed me to an empty chair.

It was unacceptable that another dozen or so people had to stand for over an hour.

When Mr. Schalliol began to speak, it was quickly noticed that unless you were seated closer to the front, you were not going to hear very much of anything that was said. No big surprise since the fire station is situated next to the main highway through town and the big doors were wide open to the constant loud noise of the cars and all the humongous trucks going by.

Most of the questions that followed Mr. Schalliol’s speech came from the residents that were seated close to the front, so many of us could not hear most of what they said either!

WHY didn’t Schalliol bring a microphone? As the street noise continued, he often had to stop talking until a truck went by.

Regarding his points that were printed on a screen––WHY was some of the printing so dim closer to the bottom of the screen? For those people not seated close to the front, the screen was not high enough for them to see all of the information.

Surely either our local public library or elementary school would have been a better choice to hold this meeting! Not that the subject would have been more palatable!

A number of residents left shortly before the event was over as I did.

The first two people I met on the street were a young couple who had in recent months bought a home in the selected area of county development (unfortunately, they were not told in advance of purchase what was to come). They were clearly hurting and felt as I did––that the meeting was useless!

It’s way past time that ALL New Carlisle residents have a vote on what IS welcome in our area and what is NOT!

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