Hudson Lake Conservation Association Progress Report

The 2016 services that have been accomplished are listed here to keep you informed of how our lake is kept healthy each year. This means keeping it clean of contaminants, clear of algae or murky waters and to ensure the lake is well oxygenated for our fish and wildlife. Of course, it also means to ensure it remains in great shape for all of our many recreational activities, plus simply for our total enjoyment.

January Developed and submitted an application for a $28,000 Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program grant to manage the exotic water plants in our lake that are extremely destructive to our lake being healthy. March 1. Successfully obtained the full grant for $28,000. 2. Requested bids from three LARE-certified contractor to complete two Projects: Develop the 2016 update to our Hudson Lake Conservation Association Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan – includes surveying and mapping all the water plants in our lake, posting the size of each bed at each of their various locations. Herbicide the exotic water plants within all the beds where they were located. 3. Hudson Lake Conservation Association hired Jim Donahoe, owner of Aquatic Weed Control (AWC), to complete both of our two above projects. 4. Hudson Lake Conservation Association applied for and obtained an Indiana Department of Natural Resources Aquatic Vegetation Control Permit. May 1. AWC surveyed and mapped all existing plants in Hudson Lake. 2. All locations of Eurasian Water Milfoil were herbicide – 14.2 acres at a total cost of $3,735. Note – Additional to these Lake and River Enhancement program grant services, but very closely related – Hudson Lake Conservation Association met with the La Porte County Drainage Board to ensure that the lake drain would be kept closed until roads or septic systems became endangered. This is to preserve the higher water level for the well-being of all the good water plants that keep our lake healthy.

June AWC re-surveyed all the Eurasian Water Milfoil beds and found about 6 acres were regenerated.

July AWC re-herbicide 6.14 acres of Eurasian Water Milfoil at an additional cost of $1,610. October Later on, AWC will complete our Hudson Lake Conservation Association Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan Update and conduct a membership meeting to inform everyone regarding the kind of water plants in our lake and any other considerations we should be aware of. The presentation is comprehensive with great explanations for the questions that you may have. The total cost for the Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan Update, including the actual surveying and mapping effort, is expected to be approximately $4,100. As you would guess, many sub-project efforts go on behind all the above scenes. However, the above gives you the overall flow of the on-going services. In addition to the above, our Hudson Lake Conservation Association Spring Fling, held on April 30th for our Hudson Lake Community, was a lot of fun for all, but it was in a different dimension. Its purpose was to raise funds to be added to our annual membership fees in order to ensure that our treasury was capable of paying our 20% portion of the Lake and River Enhancement program grants. We probably will need to consider doing a fundraiser every year. It does take a lot of effort, but it did do the job for us. In conclusion, I must ask each of you to encourage your friends and neighbors to join and remain active members of our Hudson Lake Conservation Association. It only cost $25 per household from everyone who has an interest in our lake – our Hudson Lake Community. Why would not everyone want to keep our lake healthy!

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