Free Heart Screenings at NPHS

The Play for Jake Foundation is pleased to bring Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program to New Prairie Schools on Thursday, September 8.

Free heart screenings will be available to all middle school and high school students.

Young Hearts for Life is nationally known for its unique model, has screened over 150,000 students for conditions that may cause sudden cardiac death.

This milestone is a first for any heart-screening program of this kind in the United States.

Dr. Marek, an internationally recognized cardiologist, will be interpreting your child’s EKG. Additional information can be found on the heart screen permission slip.

Please sign your child up today. Sign up information is below.

What can your child expect during their heart screen: Quick and painless During your child’s school day Privacy for all female students with female technicians and volunteers

To register your child, please visit: Click on the Registration & Events tab Click on Chicago Metropolitan Region Scroll down to give your child permission to get screened at school ***You will need your child’s Student ID number to complete the registration.

The screenings are for Middle and High school students ages 12 and older as of September 8. If you have questions, please email

About The Play For Jake Foundation The Play For Jake Foundation is determined to create awareness and educate parents and youth about the dangers of undetected heart conditions.

The Play For Jake Foundation is dedicated to preventing sudden cardiac arrest among our youth by providing screening and protection programs for middle schools and high schools to ensure children are offered routine heart screenings for undetected heart conditions.

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