Downtown New Carlisle full of historic charm

Part of New Carlisle’s charm is certainly because many of its businesses have maintained their beautiful historic buildings and are alive with special offerings in so many ways. Along with the expansion of many new homes over the years, the community also features a number of extraordinary houses still intact from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The current New Carlisle Town Hall building in downtown once housed the New Carlisle Olive Township Public Library built in 1921 with funds appropriated by the Carnegie Corporation. To this day, I am sure many long-time residents remember the joy of spending time in the former library. Long before our now common electronics, local kids spent many hours enjoying the stories read by Librarian Kitty Wade and choosing books to take home to read. For 40 years, Mrs. Wade considered all children who came as her own, helping them find just the right books for their age and interest. When the Library moved its quarters to a new and beautiful building on Bray Street in 2002, the old building downtown was reconstructed into an outstanding new town hall. As in the former building, our exceptional NCPD staff share the Town Hall space. It’s fun to also remember that our beautiful Memorial Park, located in the middle of the town, was once the exact spot where the former New Carlisle High School and Elementary School were once located. New Prairie High School, New Prairie Middle School, and Olive Elementary School were built to replace that facility.

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