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New Carlisle Town Councilman Jordon Budreau recently returned from a tour of duty with the United States Army Reserves in Afghanistan. In November 2015, Jordon Budreau was elected to the New Carlisle Town Council. By January, he was being called to another form of service. Although he was sworn in as a council member, Budreau was not able to take his seat at a meeting before receiving orders to deploy to Afghanistan in January. Budreau joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 2011 and was commissioned in 2012 at Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Although his original commitment to the Reserves is a minimum of eight years, Budreau plans to serve until it is no longer fun and exciting. “I have never had the feeling that I have worked a day in the Army, and I don’t expect that to change.” Budreau said. “No matter the circumstances, I still manage to have fun and look at the positive.” Budreau was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan as the Supply Officer to the 2nd Battalion 7th Special Forces Group. He shared an office with three other noncommissioned officers, which together make up the S4 section of the battalion. “I could not have asked for three better NCO’s to work with on a daily basis,” Budreau said. A typical day is 16-18 hours long, and there are no days off. For Budreau, his role was creating contracts and improving base life support for the teams. Previously, Budreau was an Executive Officer for a Quartermaster Company. Just before being deployed, he had been selected to take command of a Transportation Detachment Company. Budreau will assume a Company Command position within the Reserves now that he has returned to the United States. Despite the distance, Budreau was still been able to stay connected with town business, crediting Clerk Treasurer Sue Moffitt and Deputy Clerk Jill Doll for sending him the meeting minutes and agendas. “I still manage to participate in discussions with the other council members as much as I am able to through email,” he added. Budreau also remained in contact with citizens and business owners, which was one of the vital parts of his original campaign. “I want to make a positive difference by creating open communication between the town council, citizens and business owners. I welcome the citizens and business owners to feel free to openly communicate with myself either through person to person, Facebook or email. I welcome all forms of feedback, whether it be positive or negative,” he said. In addition to open communication from the council, Budreau believes utility prices and an overall positive climate in town are the key concerns of residents. “I believe that we can make a positive impact on these issues with the current council members, but it will take all of us working collectively to address these issues,” he said. The council has already worked together in Budreau’s absence. Budreau is grateful to fellow councilman Dan Vermillion, who covered his position. When he took office as councilman, Budreau’s commission appointment was Parks and Cemetery. As a father, he is complimentary of the new playground equipment that was installed at Memorial Park this spring. “I believe it is important for any projects planned in the future for our park to be able to operate within its allotted budgets and not create any hardships for the citizens,” he said. Originally from Lafayette, Indiana, Budreau is a 2008 graduate of Purdue University. He first visited New Carlisle shortly after he began dating his wife, Amanda. Budreau notes his first experience in town was eating dinner at Moser’s Austrian Café, where he immediately recognized the small town charm. “This charm flourishes from the unique businesses and restaurants that New Carlisle offers. I am constantly bragging to my friends, family and co-workers that they have to visit New Carlisle. We have so much to offer those who live outside our community,” he said. After coming home, Budreau will eventually return to his civilian job as a Student Services Coordinator at Purdue Polytechnic South Bend, a position he has held since May 2015. But first, Budreau is planning to take a few family vacations with his wife and son, who have been supportive throughout his deployment. “After this deployment, I look at Freedom with a different set of eyes. Freedom is free, it isn’t easy to obtain, it can’t be bought, and it can only be paid for by sacrifices. For these sacrifices, I thank those who served prior to me and who have made the ultimate sacrifice. For their actions we live in a nation of freedom,” Budreau said. In an effort to open the lines of communication with the public, Councilman Budreau can be reached via email at: Jordon.budreau.nctc@gmail.com. He also has a Facebook page, which can be found by searching: Jordon Budreau -New Carlisle Town Councilman.

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