ORWBL All-Star Game set for July 7

NEW CARLISLE- The 2016 Old Republic Wiffle Ball League (ORWBL) All-Star Game will be held on Thursday, July 7 at Migley Field in New Carlisle. The teams for the American and National Leagues are set, with a majority of the spots being determined by team manager voting. Managers decided who would start on the mound as well as 4 Outfielder/Utility spots. There was no voting for the catcher position. The next eight vote getters on each side were named as reserves while both managers selected their next two players for their All-Star teams. Koby Keck will manage the National League while Alex Friedman will manage the American League. It will be the second time that they have squared off in the All-Star Game as Team Keck defeated Team Friedman 10-9 in 2014 in what was the first All-Star Game decided by one run since 2009. For the first time in ORWBL history, fans had the chance to make their voice heard for the Last Man In vote which was on Twitter for a two-day period. Fans and teams around the league seemed to enjoy it, as many different teams came up with their own way of trying to get their man into the All-Star Game. In the American League, it was Jet City's Zach Feldmeier who captured 38 percent of the vote to reach the All-Star Game. Over on the National League side, it was Galena Marsh's Steve Pravecek who received 40 percent of the vote. Overall, Aidan Cotter of the Mechanics might have been the biggest All-Star snub as his .533 average along with 32 home runs will not participate in the All-Star Game. American League Starting Pitcher: Nate Arndt (Junkballers) 1st Selection American League Starters: Bob Bushman (Heat) 1st Selection Wes Ellis (Magic) 5th Selection Tony Koch (Junkballers) 3rd Selection Ben McDonald (Heat) 2nd Selection American League Reserves: Brian Lockhart (Magic) 3rd Selection Jacob MacMillan (Heat) 1st Selection Zach Liberatore (Magic) 5th Selection Chad Swain (Pterodactyls) 1st Selection Mark Haase (Godfathers) 1st Selection Collin Babcock (Junkballers) 1st Selection Darian Luther (Heat) 1st Selection Jared Monhaut (Heat) 3rd Selection Dustin Curl (Leprechauns) 1st Selection

National League Starting Pitcher: Jared Emmons (Dabbers) 7th Selection National League Starters: Scott Soos (Newts) 5th Selection Anthony Rieff (Sour Chicken Muffs) 3rd Selection Kody Webb (Mechanics) 1st Selection Jordan Smoroske (Dabbers) 3rd Selection

National League Reserves: Matt Serge (Sour Chicken Muffs) 7th Selection Jay Ryans (Newts) 4th Selection Noah Shail (Newts) 3rd Selection Doug Benner (White Lightning) 2nd Selection Levi Miller (White Lightning) 1st Selection Denis Jedrysek (Dabbers) 6th Selection Jason Webb (White Lightning) 2nd Selection Grant Duncan (Yabos) 1st Selection Garrett Curless (Newts) 8th Selection

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