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Dennis Dean grew up on a Midwest chicken farm in the 50’s. It was the beginning of America’s Greatest Era. Hot Rods, Customized Cars, Diners, DriveIns, Car Hops, Rock n’ Roll, Corvettes, T-Birds, and Playboy Magazines.

It all started when 16-year old Denny Dean got a hold of his first Playboy and set his sights on living a life the likes of his hero, Hugh Hefner. So, armed with gumption, a goal, $100 car and $300 cash, Denny headed west leaving Indiana behind forever, trading the chicks on the farm for the ones in California... or so he hoped.

Denny never quite made Hefner status, but he did live the dream in many respects, always somewhere between Colorado and California. He lived in mansions, drove Corvettes and had his share of women, but only one true love – music and entertainment. It was his passion that developed an ability to open up successful venues, mostly underground, one after another to support independent, up and coming artists in every category of music from early rock and roll, hippie grunge, RockaBilly to blues.

With everything that transpired in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, Denny had his hand in it, filling up the clubs that others had turned their back on. He simply had a knack for it. Without ever being a musician himself, he had an ear, a love and appreciation for it that some are just born with.

Pre-Celebration of Life Show

Years ago in a small Colorado town, a local guy would have a mock funeral for himself every year in July just to see how many friends would show up for beer and barbeque.

So when Dennis Dean was planning his funeral, he thought what a great idea. So he decided to do his “Celebration of Life Show!” And taking it on the road as a touring entertainment concept for Seniors and Baby Boomers, featuring a 60’s rock and roll band, a Tina Turner tribute singer, a former Playboy Preacher, and Denny tells the tales of his lifetime experiences and million dollar bucket list!

You’re invited to a viewing of this outrageous off Broadway, Honky Tonk Road Show! See photos of Denny’s wild escapades, designer coffins and Hot Rod Fort Munster Hearse. There will be a meet and greet after the show

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