Opposition to Hudson Lake Sewer Project

I read the article about wells and septic tanks and a sewer project for the Hudson Lake area in the May 6 issue of The Gazette ("Property Transfer Ordinance Goes into Effect"). I would like to supply an opposing view to a sewer project.

If there is a sewer project, we are told most residents will have to pay on average, $5000 for hook up and to fill in our old septic tank. And that the monthly bill would be $60.00. And it's mandatory to hook up. Most Hudson Lake residents cannot afford this.

But it will be mandatory to hook up. The problem is not with the sewer project. The problem is the mandatory hook up clause. Some of us have recently put in septic tanks. Or we have room for another tank and field. There is a clause in the proposed sewer project, but it entails checking every five years and mandatory hook up- eventually.

But what if we have room for another tank and field and don't want to hook up? I have over 3 acres. Maybe a clause is needed that, if you have over a certain acreage, it's not mandatory hook up? If any sewer project had a clause in it that made hook up voluntary, there would not be so much opposition to it.

Surely a clause or amendment could be given to the satisfaction of both sides, those wanting the sewer project and those that have no need and never want it. As it stands, most of those I talk to are against it, because of the mandatory hook up clause.

A sewer project will additionally make our assessed values of our houses go up, and hence, our property taxes. We just had a tax hike with New Prairie Schools. We don't need another. A sewer project for Hudson Lake will mean higher taxes.

Tim Jaycox

Hudson Township Homeowne

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