Michiana Insurance opens downtown office

New Carlisle has welcomed a new tenant to its historic downtown business district.

Michiana Insurance opened its doors to business at 109 East Michigan Street on Thursday, April 7.

The company, which was established in 1980, already has offices in Michigan City and South Bend.

Given New Carlisle’s place in between their two existing offices, it was a natural choice for opening their latest location. Michiana Insurance has served customers in the area in the past and has always done business in the community.

“We always enjoy coming here,” said agent John Klingenmeier. “It’s a neat town.”

Jason Seifert will be the primary agent in the New Carlisle office, along with Kar and Shannon Nallenweg. All three are residents of the community.

While the office will have a hometown feel, its services will not be limited to that of a small town. The agents will be able to provide quotes from multiple insurance carriers to find the best deal for their customers.

“Being a part of Michiana Insurance, we will have accessibility to plenty of resources,” Seifert said.

Additionally, the office will be open on a full-time basis. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EDT.

Constructed in 1965, the building (which houses The Potter’s Wife next door) has been home to various businesses over the years, including Tri-County Appraisal and most recently, PhantomTS. The law firm of Nemeth, Feeney, Masters, and Campiti maintain an office in the space as well. The firm has had a presence in New Carlisle since 1949.

Klingenmeier notes that the interior of the building was completely refurbished to fit the needs of Michiana Insurance and is ready to serve the New Carlisle area.

Why a Pineapple? Michiana Insurance has a distinctive logo, prominently featuring a pineapple. While Michiana’s climate is not quite tropical enough to grow the fruit, the company added the symbol to its logo in 1998 to represent hospitality.

It is said when Columbus returned to Europe from the Caribbean, he brought the rare fresh fruit with him. I

t soon became an image of hospitality, good cheer, graciousness, and warmth.

All of these values shape Michiana Insurance and their approach to customer service.

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