That's The Spirit

New Prairie Theatre Company presented, “That’s the Spirit.” A play with a phone call from the beyond, coyotes howling and a character masquerading as lamp created an evening full of laughter for the audience.

Each character had a BIG personality and a different accent. At one point in the show, it was complete chaos and you were left hanging wondering who actually committed the murder.

The cast was made up of New Prairie students and was directed by New Prairie Senior, Abigail Hooton. Theatre teacher, Kortney Brennan said, “In all my years of teaching, I have never had a student director. Abi was the perfect student for my first. She is amazing!”

Here is a recap of the play and cast members.

It’s hilarious, escapist fun, a spooky puzzle and an entertaining whodunit! Psychic Jenny Davenport (Jaclyn Kosinski/Mattison Ellman) is murdered at a lodge that once belonged to The Great Marvel, a famed “Illusionist.” Who should turn up as the investigator but another dingy psychic, Claire Voyant (Kylie Dillon), who solicits the help of a bunch of weirdos: Bella Donna (Kayla Brown) and her nasty ventriloquist dummy, Chester; Anne Boleyn (Ally Pinter), who has a terrible fear of axes; and Ernst Slater (Jaclyn Kosinski/Mattison Ellman), the lady with the x-ray eyes.

Toss in some bumbling police (Alayna Holifield and Colin Nichols), a fish-out-of-water niece (Haley Benner), a crazed hermit (Braxton Bolka), a walking lampshade (Sam Wilcox), and a ham actor (Tim Gall), and the results are a hysterically funny, genuinely scary one-of-a-kind lampoon. (Description from

CAST JENNY DAVENPORT - Mattison Ellman/Jaclyn Kosinski RUBY - Madison Michael IRENE LOCKWOOD - Haley Benner WAYNE HOPKINS - Tim Gall CHARLOTTE PRINDLE - Alayna Holifield BUD FRAZER - Colin Nichols SCOTTY NELSON - Sam Wilcox BELLA DONNA - Kayla Brown ANNE BOLEYN - Ally Pinter JUAN - Braxton Bolka ERNST SLATER - Mattison Ellman/Jaclyn Kosinski VICTORIA GREENSTREET - Clara Hooton

Director: Abi Hooton

A big thanks to the New Prairie Fine Arts department, Mr. Dettinger and NPHS staff.

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