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In a town known for its dedication to preserving its history, one landmark just couldn’t be saved. After consulting with an arborist, town officials made the decision to cut down the Town Tree on Thursday, April 7.

Best known for its role every holiday season as New Carlisle’s official Christmas tree, the towering Colorado Spruce was beautifully lit in an annual ceremony at the conclusion of the Christmas in New Carlisle parade.

The tree suffered from Rhizosphaera needle cast disease, a fungus that is common in Colorado Spruces.

Although not noticeable from Michigan Street, the disease had begun to affect most of the south side of the tree.

The town was advised the tree would be completely dead within two years and ultimately decided to remove it now to avoid any safety issues.

The tree’s original location was on Race Street, however it became a hazard to drivers as it blocked oncoming traffic.

In 1972, the tree was moved by the Jaycees to the lawn of the Town Hall, which at the time was the library. The tree was 25-feet tall when it was moved to its familiar downtown location and was estimated to be about 50-feet tall when it was cut down.

Fortunately for residents who were disappointed to see the old tree go, town workers wasted no time in planting a new tree in its place.

On Sunday, April 17, Greg and Brandon Dudeck delivered a new, 12-foot evergreen to the Town Hall. They were assisted in planting by John Mrozinski, John Gelow, Roger Groves, and Rob Shail. The tree was donated by Dudeck’s Pine Country of Rolling Prairie.

“We had been wanting to do this, and we were just tickled to be able to,” Greg Dudeck said of donating the new tree.

According to Dudeck, the type of tree is ideal for this location. The new tree is a Concolor fir, also known as a white fir.

“This type of tree will grow tight and stay narrow,” Dudeck said. “So it will be beautiful at 40 feet and still fit this spot.”

Dudeck also says the new tree will have great limb strength, which will come in handy when the time comes to decorate it as the new town Christmas tree.

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