Cornerstone Preschool Welcomes Visitor from Germany

Laura Alfes, a student from Cologne, Germany, decided to take year off between high school and college to volunteer in several different areas around the world. While in the United States, she has been staying with family friends, Dr. Timm and Mrs. Longworth. Last summer, while staying with the Timms, she volunteered in South Bend at Camp Millhouse, a residential camp for differently abled people of all ages. After some time in the states, she traveled to Chile where she volunteered in a school there. She also visited Argentina, Antarctica and Patagonia.

Laura is once again staying with the Timm family and is volunteering daily at Cornerstone Preschool, right here in New Carlisle. The kids are enjoying their time with Miss Laura and are working on learning a song or two in German to show off at their promotion and graduation programs in May.

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