Insight into Kindergarten

Two of my girls, one who gets in trouble constantly and one who has never done anything wrong in her life, came running to me during our free time in a complete panic, kind of the way siblings would run to a parent after one hurts the other: with one running to tell and the other desperately pleading their case.

The one girl (the one who always gets in trouble) is completely covered with chalk dust from her knees to her nose and looks upset. The other (the well-behaved one) is frantic and crying.

The little girl covered in chalk yells, “She got chalk all over me!”

The other girl, completely freaking out and sobbing, says, “She got the first chalk on her, and I was just trying to help out. I tried to get rid of it with the eraser, but it didn’t work! It got so much worse! I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept trying to erase it. I’m so sorry! Are you going to call my mom?!”

I was almost crying from laughing so hard, and I told her it was okay, and she wasn’t in trouble.

The other girl throws her hands up and goes, “That’s not fair! If that was me, I would have gotten in deep trouble.”

She’s probably right.

Kaylor Keck is a second grade teacher at Elm Road Elementary School in Mishawaka, previously teaching kindergarten for 4 years.

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