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Congratulations, editor and publisher Koby Keck, on the premier issue of the New Carlisle Gazette. I know the community can hardly wait to read your new paper—and I share that excitement!

As editor and publisher of the previous local paper, I am so happy for you and your new adventure. Our approaches to the same job may be very different, but I have a feeling you’ll experience a few of the same things I did.

As the weeks and months go by, and the stacks of papers in your office quickly grow, you’ll gradually realize that your place in the community has been redefined. As “the paper guy,” you’ll be stopped on the street by people who want to talk with you, offer suggestions, and tell you how much they appreciate your work. It may come as a surprise in the beginning if, like me, you thought you already knew almost everyone in your hometown. Meeting and getting to know so many more people in the community is a truly wonderful gift.

The every-other-week schedule will quickly become your routine, and you’ll look at the calendar as a series of “paper weekends” and “off weekends.” I hate to be a spoiler, but the working weekends roll around much faster. However, there is a special little perk that never seems to get old—the fantastic feeling that comes over you every time you send a new issue off to the printer. The sense of relief and accomplishment is a welcome reward.

Koby, I wish you the best of luck, a steady flow of creativity, a continual sense of joy and achievement in your work, and support and encouragement from the community. I look forward to reading the New Carlisle Gazette for many, many years. Thank you!

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