Viewpoint: Vote Yes for New Prairie schools

As many of you may have heard through the grapevine, New Prairie United School Corporation will be asking the voters to approve a referendum on May 3, 2016, to fund many capital projects throughout the school system. There are many GREAT reasons to support this forward-thinking request. Whether it be the secure entryways at all the schools, updated heating and air conditioning, updated restrooms, improved technology, a NEW 1,200 seat auditorium at the high school, and many more needed projects, there will be something improved in our great corporation that will touch the lives of every one of our nearly 3,000 students at every school! As a taxpayer, homeowner, educator, and parent of two children attending New Prairie, I am very excited for the future of our school district, and I am voting YES! I am asking you to consider voting YES on May 3rd.

I can tell you without hesitation, the administration, NPUSC School Board, and many others, have worked very hard to craft a proposal that is very responsible to the taxpayers of our community, yet meets the needs of our aging infrastructure. I will gladly pay a few cents a day to improve the education our students are receiving while at New Prairie, which will ultimately provide our students with a very strong foundation to build on.

As you begin to decide for yourself which way you will vote, I would ask you to consider one last item. In my humble opinion, there is no greater investment a community can make than providing its youth with a world-class education. Our students have received this type of education at New Prairie thanks to the sacrifices past generations have made. It is now our turn to continue this culture of excellence for our current students and for the generations of students to come.

Please consider voting YES for New Prairie!

Dale Groves NPUSC School Board Member

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