Ten Commandments of a Child

As parents and teachers, sometimes we let the stresses of adulthood get the better of us. We often set very high and sometimes unrealistic expectations for our children and students. When met, these expectations make our lives, as adults, a little bit easier. However, we often forget that although easier for us, this can be very difficult for the kids.

These ‘10 Commandments of a Child’ was shared with me this week and although geared toward a Sunday School teacher, I think we, as parents and school teachers, can take something away from most of these and apply it to the children in our lives. I know they really got me thinking…..

1. Thou shalt accept my youthfulness. I need tender direction and loving leadership. Constant criticism and raised eyebrows make me feel foolish and inadequate.

2. Thou shalt accept my imperfections. Please don’t expect perfection whenever you assign a task to me. I really do learn by my mistakes.

3. Thou shalt accept my limitations. My hands are small and sometimes I seem awkward and clumsy. Please be patient with me.

4. Thou shalt show me the way to go. When I show off, I’m really asking for affirmation and reassurance. Could you please give me gentle guidance so my behavior doesn’t become my attitude?

5. Thou shalt welcome me. If I’m new to your class, please take the time to explain the routine and show the other children that you’re glad to see me (even if you thought your class was big enough already).

6. Thou shalt expect the best from me. Please don’t have preconceived ideas about me. I have the tendency to live up to your expectations. Expect me to behave appropriately.

7. Thou shalt make the Word of God come to life for me. Find creative ways to teach me about the power of God, the ministry of Jesus, and all of God’s Word.

8. Thou shalt help me know and do what’s right. Nobody needs to show me how to sin (it comes naturally), but somebody please care enough to lovingly discipline me when I act inappropriately.

9. Honor my father and mother with good communication. Talking to my parents could help you discover my fears, my joys, my problems, my talents, my weaknesses, and my strengths.

10. Thou shalt pray for me. You know, you may be the only person in the whole world who talks to God about me. I need you to ask God to help me.

Please take the ones that apply to you to heart. Our kiddos are only little for so long. Don’t let that time pass you by!

Jessica Feathers is the Supervising Director of Cornerstone Preschool and a mother of four.

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