Reading Roadshow: Library service to healthcare facilities and homebound patrons

The Reading Roadshow brings materials from the New Carlisle-Olive Township Public Library to your front door.

If you or someone you know lives in Olive Township and cannot visit the library due to age or disability, Reading Roadshow may be an option for delivery of library materials.

Homebound Olive Township Residents who have a NCPL library card in good standing or are eligible for a NCPL Library Card may request services.

Homebound can be because of age, physical disability, injury or illness; on a permanent or temporary basis. Audio books, magazines, music compact discs, and books; including large print may be delivered every two weeks or once a month.

Want to get started? 1. Let us know you are interested by contacting Teen and Outreach Coordinator, Marie Schaeffer by phone (574) 654-3046 or by email

2. Fill out application. This can be done on your first visit.

3. Coordinator will set-up the first visit.

Don’t delay. Join the Reading Roadshow today!

Lisa Baiz is the Director of the New Carlisle-Olive Township Public Library.

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