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With so much going on in our community throughout the year, it had become apparent to me that our town was in desperate need of reviving a local newspaper. Judging from the conversations I have had with many of you in recent weeks, it seems to be a consensus. Given the initial response, I am pleased to share with you the first issue of the New Carlisle Gazette.

There is no doubt that the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the revival of a town paper speaks to the incredible job that Susan Jones did with the New Carlisle News for so many years. Like many of you, I made sure I picked up a copy of the latest issue every other Friday to see what was happening in the community. While The Gazette will attempt to follow in the footsteps of the New Carlisle News, it will not be able to fill the shoes left behind by Sue’s newspaper.

My goal will be to fill the paper with engaging content that will make you eager to pick it up. It will highlight our seasonal events and celebrations, the extra-curricular activities of our local students, and the service efforts of all our non-profit organizations.

Additionally, it will attempt to keep you, the readers, informed about the current issues which face the community and allow you a place to express your opinions about those issues.

New Carlisle has always had a strong newspaper tradition. Since 1856, various publications have served the community. This paper takes its name from one of the town’s earliest publications. According to The Story of Our Town, the original Gazette was known as one of the county’s finest newspapers.

Much like the New Carlisle News, the new paper will be published on a bi-weekly basis, every other Friday and will be available to you free of charge in various public outlets. You can also view all the articles online and sign up to receive a digital edition of the paper via e-mail.

Because it is a free publication, advertising revenue will be vital to the success and survival of The Gazette. Thank you to those who have already jumped on board, and if I missed your business in handing out a rate card, take a look at the rates below to see if The Gazette can be a useful avenue to reach your customers. The paper will also be looking to you, the readers, to help keep the community connected.

As you will notice in this first issue, we already have a handful of contributors sharing the news of what is happening around town (and down at state, where all our local students seem to be competing!) I would like to thank all of them for helping to get The Gazette started on the right foot.

If you know of something exciting that has happened in the community that you would like to share, do not hesitate to send in an article. Whether it be an accomplishment of a school club or a recap of an event that a non-profit organization put on, I will do my best to publish it.

Rather not write a full article, but want to submit a news tip about something instead? I will look into it and try to cover it as well.

Maybe you want to speak your mind about a pressing issue facing the community. The Gazette will have Viewpoint space available to all readers. You can check out the first letter, featuring an opinion about the NPUSC Building Referendum, on page 8. Also on the Viewpoint page, you will find submission policies and guidelines, so join the conversation or start a new one.

On The Gazette’s website, you will be able to submit events to the community calendar, which may be featured in the printed edition of the paper.

The website will also feature the area church directory, so send in your information regarding service times and places for your church.

Be sure to like “New Carlisle Gazette” on Facebook and follow @NC_Gazette on Twitter to keep connected in between issue dates.

New features will certainly be appearing in upcoming issues, and I am excited to get the paper going. So thank you, the readers, for picking up the first issue of the new paper. Hopefully you will enjoy it enough to grab the next one in two weeks!

On a final note, I would like to once again acknowledge Susan Jones for all her years of dedication to the New Carlisle News and thank her for her help and encouragement in getting me started with The Gazette. Sue asked to put in a note for this first issue, so I thought it would be appropriate to give her the “From the Editor” spot (to the left of this article) we all remember from the NC News.

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