Mary Helen Ford, 1934-2020

Mary Helen Ford, 85, of New Carlisle, IN, passed away at 2:17 p.m. Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN. Mary was born on December 22, 1934 in South Bend, IN to the late John Wilson and Elva Alberta Anderson, and lived in New Carlisle since 1947, coming from Bertrand Township MI. Along with her parents; she was preceded in death by her husband, James Henry “Hank” Ford; two sons, Gregory Lee Ford; James Henry Ford, Jr.; two sisters, Nancy Barnes; Shirley Anderson; and two brothers, Michael and James Anderson. On March 30, 1957, as Mary Helen Anderson, she married the love of her life, James Henry “Hank” Ford at the New Carlisle Community Christian Church. The

Message from Olive Chapel

Rex William was a beautiful Silver Sable, King Shepherd, and I had the privilege of being his human mama. For the most part, he was a good dog. He loved to go running with me, he loved to wrestle with my boys, he loved to play hide and go seek, but mostly he was simply happy he had found a good home. Rex was rescued from an abusive home when he was six months old, and then passed from home to home until he found his way into my family’s heart. In our home he was loved, he was cared for, and he was safe. One of the things that made our home good and safe for Rex William was that we had a fenced in area to keep him out of trouble, and keep trouble from him. Rex didn’t realize this made our hom

Evolution of the "Sabbath"

Charles Schulz wrote many years ago, “Whoever enrolled me in the school of life didn’t schedule enough recess.” It reminds me of the Sabbath principle. Even though the command to keep the Sabbath holy was given to Israel’s nation, the principle was first given in Genesis 2, before the birth of the Jewish nation. Jews still observe their Sabbath on the seventh day, as does the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Seventh Day Adventists. There are many discussions over whether Sunday has become the Christian “Sabbath.” Are we obligated to keep the Sabbath, and what does keeping it mean? I have no desire to get into all of that. My question is—Is the Sabbath principle still valid? Do we sti

Bob Anderson Celebrates 90 years!

Robert Wilson Anderson is turning 90 on December 7th. Bob has lived in New Carlisle since March of 1947 when his family moved to the area from Bertrand Township, Michigan. After graduating from New Carlisle High School in 1950, he received an invitation from the U.S. Army he couldn’t refuse and became a private. He was wounded in the Korean War. Following his injury, he was hospitalized in Japan, Texas, and Hines Hospital in Chicago. He went to a school for the blind in St. Louis and returned to the New Carlisle area to reside with his parents. Bob has always loved sunshine and water. Following his discharge, he and some friends lived in Florida for a while and spent time soaking up the

Good News from New Prairie High School

The New Prairie High School mathematics department is using a virtual program this year called DeltaMath. DeltaMath is an online math practice and learning site created by Zach Korzyk, a public high school teacher in New York City since 2007. In 2009, Zach created the first version of DeltaMath to help his own students enhance their procedural fluency and deepen their conceptual understanding. Delta Math provides the mathematics teachers with an alternative to paper/pencil practice. It gives the students immediate feedback and is strengthening their math vocabulary. In addition, examples and videos are provided for students to refer to when they need help. This program is proving to be

Watch How They Behave, then Vote

Thanks to all those hundreds of people who wrote in, called, emailed, zoomed, listened on their phones, or attended personally to the 8th of September SJC Council rezoning meeting. Unfortunately, only the pro Sebasty, Kaminski, and Oudhuis family supporters won the rezoning fight; but, hey, the county promised us all good jobs and prosperity, right? I just hope that St. Joseph County officials keep their promises better this time than they did back in the 80s when IN/Tek was being sold to us. That’s when Chief Deputy Auditor of St Joseph County-John Lentz, stated “The property taxes will be ‘captured’ to pay off the loan – diverted from the schools, township, and the County – by a special

Note from Oliver Davis

When one really gets down to the heart of the matter regarding the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC) in the New Carlisle, Indiana/Olive Township areas, which is located in the St. Joseph County (Indiana) Commissioner District #2 Area, the answers to this matter are found in the way that one sees the world. Many who are in the St. Joseph County (Indiana) Leadership Team, see the farmland in this area of our county as land that they can develop for future businesses such as the IEC. They desire to bring in larger businesses to this area and to ultimately change its country style living. Thus, the westside farmland area of our St. Joseph County Commissioner District #2 area is under attack and yo

Phase Two

Even though September-So-Far appears to be a month for disappointments, I wanted to thank the people of New Carlisle and surrounding areas who've taken a stand to preserve the quality of life here that we all value highly. No disappointments there. I also wanted to caution folks that, while recent rezoning approvals have 'set the stage' for further development just down the way, it has yet to be decided (far as we know anyway) just who will be our new tenants. We look to Town and County officials to ensure that incoming business doesn't destroy rather than enhance life hereabouts. That, in itself, can seem a daunting task but one that has to happen and that's going to take We The People rema

Little Town on the Big Prairie Exhibit on Display

New Carlisle, the little town on the hill has evolved and changed with the times. From a rural farming community to a charming small town with locally owned restaurants and shops, the town has grown and evolved throughout history as advancements in technology, business, farming, manufacturing, and education have been made. Early settlers came from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, southern Indiana and Kentucky. They were attracted to the rich soil of the Terre Coupee Prairie, a vast prairie east of the town. Many decided this was the perfect place to raise their crops and families. The arrival of the railroad in 1852, ushered in many changes for the little town. Simple cabins were replaced with fi

Recipes, Etc.

Bring a little of Italy into your home by trying this great recipe! Northern Italian Pasta Shell Stuffing 3 packages frozen spinach, chopped 3 lbs. ground round 2 (8-oz) packages cream cheese, softened 2 large onions, chopped Parmesan cheese, grated 2 jumbo eggs 1 (1 lb) package jumbo pasta shells 2 cups tomato sauce, your own or ready-made Place frozen spinach in a strainer and run under hot water until thawed. Squeeze all of the water out and place in a large bowl. In a large sauté pan, cook the ground round until browned. Drain well, reserving two tablespoons fat in the pan, and place meat in the same bowl with the spinach. Stir in the cream cheese until blended with the meat and

Discover the Tricks and Treats of Nature at Bendix Woods

Bendix Woods County Park in New Carlisle, Indiana, is hosting its annual fall special event on Saturday, October 3, inviting visitors to go on a Halloween adventure in the park! Follow the discovery trail and explore the secrets of owls, bats, spiders and other misunderstood creatures along the way. Go on a hayride, enjoy a campfire, make a craft, and take home a bag of treats! Two time slots are available: 5:00 to 7:00 pm (before dark) or 7:30 to 9:30 pm (after dark.) The fee is $5 per person, and a gate fee of $4/in-county vehicle and $5/out-of-county vehicle will also be in effect. Advance registration and payment are required for this event. To register, please call 574-654-3155. Visitor

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