Exciting Things Coming to New Carlisle Parks

This summer will mark some great events and changes at both Memorial Park and Bourissa Hills. The Park Board will be unveiling a new kiosk at the northeast corner of Memorial Park depicting the history of that site. Photos include the Carlisle Collegiate Institute, New Carlisle High School, and pictures of each decade including the 1935 Girls Basketball team, the School Band of 1948, the 1955 Men’s Basketball County Champs, the Tigerettes from 1963, the last graduating class of 1968, to just name a few. Special thanks for their donation of time to both Dana Groves, of Historic New Carlisle for providing these historical photos and narrative and Steve Ruby, from the Troyer Group for forma

Message from Olive Chapel

It is easy to write off the accounts from the Bible as completely irrelevant to us today. Some people may write them off as nothing more than great stories or fairy tales, though a closer examination proves historical credibility as genuine as our own historical records here in the United States. Other people may feel a bitterness towards the stories in the Bible as a result of memories growing up, being forced to attend Sunday school. Others just simply may not see the relevance of the stories in today’s life. That used to be my perspective, but over the past 15 years that has changed. I was reminded this week of just how relevant the lives of those who lived in Bible times are to my own l

Recipes, Etc.

Let’s enjoy those beautiful strawberries that are really abundant. How about a strawberry shortcake? Not just a shortcake, but a gorgeous vanilla cake filled with whipped vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries. This cake is made very easy with a box cake mix and a spectacular whipped frosting! Strawberry Shortcake Cake 1 - 6 or 8 inch round white cakes (from box or from scratch made and cooled) 1/4 cup butter softened 1 ½ cups powdered sugar 1 tbsp milk 1 tsp vanilla 8 oz whipped topped thawed or whipped cream 1 lb. strawberries sliced strawberry syrup (optional) Slice each round cake in half to create 4 layers. Set the cake layers aside. In a medium sized bowl, use an electric han

What Are the Newest Phishing Attacks?

Phishing is a term adapted from the word “fishing.” When we go fishing, we put a line in the water with bait on it, and we sit back and wait for the fish to come along and take the bait. Maybe the fish was hungry. Perhaps it just wasn’t paying attention. At any rate, eventually a fish will bite, and you’ll have something delicious for dinner. How Does Phishing Work? This is essentially how cyber phishing works: Cybercriminals create an interesting email, maybe saying that you’ve won a $100 gift certificate from Amazon. Sound too good to be true? Find out! All you have to do is click the link and take a short survey. Easy enough, right? Once you click the link, guess what happens? A virus is

READ! New Carlisle

I love to read. I love books. When I think about why, one very vivid picture comes to mind. I am a little girl, sitting on the porch swing at my grandma’s house having a “tea party.” I actually have no idea if there was tea at these events, but I am positive that there were books, piles and piles of books, most of them purchased at garage sales. I am a reader because of those moments. According to the National Commission on Reading, “The single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school.” This holds true for children of all ages. It’s important for kids to see adults reading. The

S.A.R.A. Fund Donated to Ronald McDonald House

In 1987, as she was losing her battle with Hodgkins’ Disease, Sara Shoff started a charitable fund to ease the financial burden for families in the New Carlisle area fighting medical battles. The fund, named S.A.R.A. (Share And Remember Always), helped many families with bills, personal needs, transportation, and other requests. Many in the community donated to the fund over the years. Sara was the daughter of Mary and the late Bill (Clayton W.) Shoff. Recently, the Shoff family transferred the remaining funds to the Michiana Ronald McDonald House. The purpose will be much the same and will continue to carry out Sara’s wishes.

The Butterfly Lady

You may have noticed an increase in the monarch butterfly population in the New Carlisle area last summer. Mother Nature was certainly a factor, but she had an able helper in Mary Montenaro, known affectionately to her family and many of her friends as “The Butterfly Lady.” For years Mary has raised monarch butterflies. It was an interest and a passion developed because of her mother’s love of the monarch. The passion has increased in recent years because the monarch has become an endangered species! Mary has joined the International Save the Monarch organization and done a number of things to do exactly that; save the monarch. You have probably seen her butterfly garden. Mary resides o

Good News from New Prairie High School

• Students in Mrs. Gonder’s Advanced Math (Tech Math) class are using Geometry, Algebra, and Science to design a 2-dimensional floor plan of their “Dream House.” The floor plan must include specific geometric shapes and the students must calculate the square footage of each room along with the cost of flooring. In addition, after the students research renewable energy sources that could be used to heat or cool their home, they write a short essay describing the energy source and why they chose it. • The World Geography class watched a documentary about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and learned that deep water sensors were not present at the time, so geographers were unable to detect the ear

Recipes, Etc.

All of us enjoy potatoes, be it whipped, fried, casserole, etc. Here are some favorite potato recipes that Alice Michalski has shared with me. Potatoes Ala Alice 6-8 potatoes, peeled, cubed and cooked 1/2 c. sour cream 1 cup ranch dressing 1/4 cup fried and drained crumbled bacon 2 T. parsley 1 cup shredded cheese with some extra for topping (cheese to your own liking- I used cheddar) Cook potatoes until only tender; drain and set aside. Combine sour cream, dressing, bacon, parsley and cheese. Combine all ingredients. Toss lightly with potatoes; place in buttered 9 x 13” baking pan. Sprinkle with additional cheese. Bake 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. Etc. — Another recipe from

Pick Up the Spiritual Mop

When I first started in the mental health field, I was a skills trainer. This was a very broad job ranging from teaching people how to grocery shop, clean, or budget, to teaching them coping skills for anxiety or depression. In this job, we were exposed to all kinds of home environments; some that smelled so bad we had to put Vicks under our noses to help keep us from gagging. Some homes were infested with bugs of all kinds, roaches, beetles, and even bed bugs. One of my co-workers told me that she loved to go into the dirty houses, the dirtier the better. Her favorite home she went into was so infested with bugs that it looked like the floor was moving as you walked through the kitchen, an

Busy Band Buzz: Golden Success

New Prairie Bands celebrated the end of a very successful year with their end of the year concert at the LaPorte Civic Auditorium on May 8. This concert featured performances by the Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. The Sound of Cougar Pride filled the historic venue with typical jazz and concert pieces, as well as some classic rock/pop tunes from Stevie Wonder, Chicago, and Toto. The two concert bands combined to perform selections from “The Phantom of the Opera” as well. One of the jazz selections also highlighted the diverse talent of our students by featuring one of our senior trumpet/guitar players, Levi Britton, as vocalist. Student diversity was also demonstrated in some

New Prairie High School Class of 2019 Top Ten

On May 2, the New Prairie United School Corporation School Board honored the Top Ten students and their educators from the Class of 2019. It was a great evening full of great stories about the positive experiences our educators have made on the student in and out of the classroom. The speeches were full of the words “passion” and “purpose” which really sums up what shines through to all students. Thanks to all educators for the impact they make on students every day! The Top 10 students at their educators are: Joseph Henning - Mr. Hobart Maddox Cotter - Mr. Schellinger Tyler Bowen - Mrs. Aerts Lucas Papai - Mrs. Buss Mia Bauer - Mrs. Zarate Thomas Eggleston - Ms. Wojtysiak Gabriele Peters

NPHS Class of 2019 Valedictorian, Salutatorian Named

The valedictorian for the NPHS Class of 2019 is Joe Henning. He is the son of Jim and Cathleen Henning. He currently has a 4.595 GPA. Joe is a Lilly Endowment Scholarship recipient. Also, he was the varsity tennis co-captain and sectional champ. He served as the Robotics engineering lead for the Las Pumas Robotics team. Joe was inducted into National Honor Society, as well as, served as senior class president. Joe will be attending the University of Notre Dame and earn degrees in Physics and Computer Science. He plans to attend graduate school and receive a PhD in Physics. The salutatorian for the NPHS Class of 2019 is Maddox Cotter. He currently has a 4.503 GPA. Max is the son of Ken

Community Music Festival in Rolling Prairie

Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church is proud to announce its third annual Community Music Festival and Pulled Pork Dinner on May 18, 2019. The free, family-friendly outdoor music festival will kick off at 3:30 p.m. CDT with the New Prairie High School Jazz Band. Other performers will include: Down By the Dock Jazz Band at 4pm; Portage High School Jazz String Orchestra at 5pm; Portage High School Jazz Combo at 5:30pm; Portage High School Choraliers Vocal Jazz at 6pm; Old Tyme Bluegrass Band at 6:30pm. These fine high school and community groups, featuring more than 150 musicians, will be performing a variety of music ranging from jazz to bluegrass styles. These ensembles are high energy

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